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World Literature 271

Ancient World Timeline



Two million BCE to about 13,000 BCE Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) (From stone tools first used by humanoid creatures to the end of the last Ice Age).


100,000 BCE -- First ritual burying of the dead


  30.000 BCE Last of the Neanderthals


25,000 BCE – statue--Venus of Willendorf --worship of female creative power


15,000 to 9,000 BCE Cave art in present-day France--The Cave of Lascaux   (hunting predominates) stone weapons.  Paleolithic Art Images


13,000 BCE to 8000 BCE Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age)


8000 BCE to 3000 BCE Neolithic (Late Stone Age) Dolmen in Ireland


8000 BCE Domestication of animals; villages formed; first wars; bronze tools


3500 BCE – 2350 B.C. Sumerian Period; development of pictographic writing; first ziggurat (temple base)


3000 BCE to 1200 BCE Bronze Age


2700 BCE Reign of Gilgamesh


2000 BCE earliest version of The Epic of Gilgamesh


1900 BCE – 1600 B.C. Babylonian Period


1200 BCE Iron Age begins



The Hebrews (Israelites—Jews)


2350 BCE the Flood


2000 BCE Abraham


1600 BCE Israelite tribes captive in Egypt


1280 BCE Exodus—Moses leads them out of Egypt


1000 BCE -- 961 B.C.  Reign of King David


961 BCE -- 922 B.C. Reign of King Solomon


587 BCE Captivity in Babylonia


539 BCE Return to Jerusalem


6 BCE Birth of Jesus


131-134 CE the diaspora or “scattering” of the Hebrew people by Roman Emperor Hadrian


600 CE  the Birth of Mohammed


The Greeks


1400 BCE – 1200 BCE Mycenaean Empire (Proto-Greece)


1250 BCE Mycenaean war against Troy


900 BCE – 700 BCE Homeric epics The Iliad and The Odyssey


776 BCE First Olympic games


450 BCE – 323 BCE--Golden Age of Greece—Classical Period


429 BCE Sophocles—Oedipus Rex


400 BCE – 330 BCE Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle


336 BCE – 323 BCE Alexander the Great


The Romans


753 BCE Founding of Rome


146 BCE Africa and Greece become Roman Provinces


63 BCE Conquest of Jerusalem by the Romans


55 BCE -- 44 B.C. Julius Caesar


27 BCE – 14 B.C. Augustus Caesar