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The Process--The Hubble Sequence--from summary to research paper

Note-taking and Other Research Skills

Documentation Help


Quick link to the Purdue Owl Citation Chart


Topic Suggestions


SCC Databases
Midway College
Santa Monica College
University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign
Hartness Library

Format and Documentation


MLA/APA Introduction
Documentation Formats, the DOI, and the PURDUE OWL Citation Chart--Jim's VIDEO



Working with Words From a Source--MLA--Jim's VIDEO
Working with Words From a Source--MLA--Jim's document
MLA Format, (7th edition), part 1--YouTube PeakDavid video—part 1--forgive the ad at the beginning
MLA Format, (7th edition), part 2--YouTube PeakDavid video—part 2--forgive the ad at the beginning




Working with Words From a Source--APA--Jim's VIDEO
Working with Words From a Source--APA--Jim's document

APA Citation Style & Format—(6th edition)—shows MS Word features
APA Citation Style & Format—(6th edition)


Research Paper How-To’s

The Bedford Research Room
How-to Video--How to use the Bedford Bibliographer
The Bedford Bibliographer--holds all of your sources and creates a references page
How to Use Quotations in your Writing


Empire College General How-To
YouTube—How To Write A Research Paper
YouTube--Choosing and Narrowing Research Topics


Helpful Activities to get started


The Bedford Research Room—lots of resources
Roan State Help--create a research calendar
Purdue University OWL
Georgetown University
Drexel University—don’t be put off by the “For Teens” title.  Good information awaits you
Roane State Community College


Good general help from the MTCE English Department--Lots of YouTube Videos