Working Conditions










A Career Teaching High School Math



Teaching is one of the oldest professions and one of the most important to the health and progress of society.   Today’s teachers are even more influential because they in some ways have replaced the parents in the role of raising the next generation.  I have found that teaching high school math is the career I want to pursue.



Estimates show a growing need for all types of teachers including math teachers in the next few years because many of today’s teachers will soon reach retirement age.  In addition, a growing need for math exists if students are to be able to compete in a high-technology world.



A 4-year college degree is required to teach high school math.  The courses include math courses as well as education courses to learn how to communicate the math knowledge to the students.  In addition, at least a six-month student teaching practicum is required to earn provisional state certification.  After receiving state certification, a new teacher has three years to complete a “fifth year” or master’s degree to receive permanent certification.



Working Conditions:

A high school math teacher teaches from September through June.  His or her day begins around 7 a.m. and ends around 3 p.m.  Some afternoons and evenings there are meetings required as well as time to grade student papers and prepare lessons for the next day.

High school math teachers in District 81 teach five sections of math a day, each section lasting about fifty minutes and each class having about thirty students.  Sections can include beginning math and arithmetic through calculus.  Classroom environments can be traditional or lab-oriented.



After exploring this career field, I am even more convinced that it is the job I want.  I feel I am ready and willing to spend the years in school necessary to achieve this.




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